Our product is exclusive and of quality, all spanish.

Our collection is timeless and with limited production. When we launch new models and in production period we already communicate them to the wholesale trade (Shop / Club).

Orders: the minimum initial order must be approximately 1,000 euros. It should be taken into account that the collection is very wide and that unless this quantity does not show the potential of the brand

Refills: the minimum amount for this concept can never be less than 300 euros.

Item sold out: if an item sold out is requested, we will propose other alternatives and combinable for your choice, or otherwise we will inform you if it is in production, planned to be produced or discontinued.

Payment method: the payment method is prepaid.


The catalogs can be downloaded at www.a40grados.com., or asking us. 

If you are interested and want additional information, wholesale prices and recommended customer prices, order form or any other questions, please request it by mail at info@a40grados.com

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